Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Innovation and Technology
  • Regulatory Cooperation / Harmonization
  • Border Crossings – Canada, US and Mexico
  • Freight Movement, Infrastructure and Multi-modal attention
  • Department of Commerce ACSCC (North American Single Window, NAFTA Task Force and ITSC Subcommittee)
Supply Chain_Initiative Image

Environment + Energy

  • Promote continental energy security, collaboration and independence
  • Strengthen government-to-government – to industry relationships
  • New technologies and approaches to addressing environmental impacts resulting from trade across North America
  • Climate change’s impact on supply chains and  access to better air quality data
  • Alternative Fuels Corridors - increased charging infrastructure

Closing the Skilled Workforce Gap

  • Elevate public awareness and attention to the growing skills gap in Canada, the United States, and Mexico
  • North American Workforce Initiative & Forum
  • Convene stakeholders to identify ways to achieve more consistent quality across training and certification programs in North America
  • Promote widespread use of a foundational career technical education curriculum and mutual recognition among North American certifying bodies – exchange and collaboration among certifiers and portability of credentials
  • Automation and technology
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation efforts – competencies and technology
  • University Consortium
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