"Efficient global supply chains are critical to the success of the AllianceTexas customers, and NASCO supports those global supply chains by promoting the flow of goods through North America. Hillwood is proud to be a long term partner with the NASCO organization."

Steve Boecking

Vice President Hillwood Properties, ALLIANCE TEXAS

There is no other coalition or trade group that represents the emerging energy capabilities of the three countries together beyond NASCO. Whether it is the XL Pipeline, the LNG projects in the Gulf or expanded Shale development throughout the continental United States, advocacy is required for the various stakeholders involved. The public, private coalition of NASCO is uniquely positioned in the energy space in this regard, and we look forward to greatly expanding our membership with companies involved in these emerging energy themes in the three countries."

Steve McElhiney

CEO, EWI Risk Services

The key to being a successful global company is insuring we effectively serve the North American markets. Through this activity we enable our North American customers to leverage their specific knowledge, application effectiveness and financial results around the world. To do this accurately, you need to engage as many sources of information as possible, and that's where NASCO is incredibly important. As a conduit of information, NASCO provides another data point of critical information - critical information that is easy to understand and immediately useable.

Adam Crossno

OnAsset Intelligence President and CEO

"Love's Travel Stops has been successful at building a nationwide network of locations. Part of that success can be credited to the professional partnerships we have with groups like NASCO. NASCO provides us with many useful tools, including trends in the workforce, energy and environment, international trade and more. The opportunity to connect with leaders from across North America will be an asset to Love's as we continue to grow."

Rick Shuffield

Vice President of Real Estate, Love's Travel Stops

"The inter-mountain region is leading the nation in job creation and overall population growth and one important factor in sustaining that position is to embrace the "North American Value Proposition". NASCO is the vehicle to establish that vital connectivity and to provide that common resource link for a stronger combined North America".

Steven R. Keim

Co-founder, Executive Vice President, iWest Companies.

"Manitoba is a strong trading province and our partnership with NASCO is an important part of our history and of our future success," said Diane Gray president and CEO of CentrePort Canada Inc., noting that Manitoba forms the northern stretch of the Mid-Continent Trade and Transportation Corridor that travels through the U.S. and into Mexico. The Corridor is a key contributor to the Manitoba economy with the Canada-U.S. border crossing at Emerson-Pembina recording almost $19 billion in two-way truck trade in 2012, the most in Western Canada. "NASCO is about building relationships and working together to maximize the opportunities that arise when we Think North American."

Diane Gray

President & CEO, CentrePort Canada Inc.

In government consulting, often the ability to engage the right individuals when business requires "politics and policy" to work together is critical. NASCO features a network of experts who understand the latest trends, the biggest obstacles, and are willing to network with other members to better assist in policy making for North American prosperity. Shared intelligence with an emphasis on diplomacy, NASCO I predict will prove to be a catalyst in making North America more prosperous than ever imagined!".

Buddy Garcia

President, Modern Stewardship

"As a shortline railroad in the central United States it may seem that the traffic we handle at Iowa Northern Railway would be locally shipped or strictly within the Midwest. The reality is a large percentage of our 60,000 carloads per year is freight that originates or terminates all over the world.The majority of international freight we handle is within North America in Canada or Mexico, which is why NASCO is an important ally for us. To not only keep up with, but to stay ahead of industries such as, agriculture, manufacturing, energy, and others related to our customers' shipments within the NAFTA corridor. NASCO also gives us a worldwide perspective on how our North American region competes and compares with other regions around the world which gives us an advantage in attracting new industries to our railroad and anticipating changes in market places that effect our shippers."

Bill Rhodes

Iowa Northern Railway Director of Marketing

"Our office's goal is to create more economic impact for South Dakota and its regional businesses that conduct international trade - exporting and importing. Since Canada and Mexico are our #1 and #2 trading partners respectively, the added benefits by being a NASCO member for the past nine years continue to enable us to provide the knowledge and assistance that are so crucial for our businesses to continue to improve their bottom lines. The more that each of our manufacturers, value-added food producers, ag growers, etc. are able to sell into these foreign markets because of their demand for top-notch U.S. made products - more jobs are created. The more that the income from these jobs circulates - the better off our communities are in economic growth and expansion. Added government regulations and the need for continued infrastructure improvement all play a part in making our I-29 and I-90 corridor communities grow, sustainable and successful. Thanks to NASCO and its fine staff, we are able to provide our companies with the best and most up to date knowledge and education that allow for their growth to continue!"

Rock Nelson

International Marketing Director, Sioux Falls Development Foundation